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Founder & MD,
Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt. Ltd

“The first edition of All About Music made every previous music conference in the country pale in comparison. It was among the most comprehensive, well managed and inclusive music conferences I have ever attended. All the artiste conversations, whether with Ajay-Atul, Arijit, Amit Trivedi or Sunidhi were informative and fun while the quality of discussion of the panels was excellent. The app was a fabulous bonus! Eagerly looking forward to the second edition.”


Lyricist, Singer

“All About Music in my opinion is one of the best initiatives ever taken to bring talent from all aspects of the music fraternity under one roof, creating an interactive platform for professionals & aspirants to share, exchange ideas, learn & contribute towards collective growth. I was delighted to be a part of it and look forward to more of the experience in the near future.”


Founder & MD,

“If you’re looking to do business in India, All About Music is basically a one stop shop. The entire industry is there-across all regions, sectors and genres-building relationships, doing business, watching amazing music. I can’t recommend it enough.”


VP Data &
New Business Models, IMMF

“You could go to AAM for access to the fast growing mega market: India, or to learn about how it works, or to meet it’s key professionals, or to discover the export potential of Indian artists, but you should probably just go there to be inspired; this is an event where everyone is building their own future. Go there, take part in the future.”


Singer, Actor

“It was highly refreshing to see the entire Music fraternity come together and discuss the disruption and challenges of the ever changing industry at AAM Mumbai. A platform where everyone-be it an artist, a manager, a curator, a strategist, a record label could sit across a table and bring forward their concerns and learning in the open. For me, it was an overwhelming and empowering experience to be able to represent Punjabi Industry and talk about the challenges we face in terms of selling our art to the right audience, maintain originality as well as battling the rising competition that has increased since the digitization.”


Times Music

“AAM, in its first year, proved to be an amazing experience …the scale of the event and content/networking opportunities AAM provided were world class . The quality of speakers and the ability of the delegates to interact with them was very high, and that is the most important part of any conference. Importantly, the content of the conference panels etc was well curated and relevant to the audience”


Co-Founder/SVP,Legal & BD,

“All About Music is an invaluable conference that brings together a wide range of stakeholders in both the Indian and global music industries, and provides useful connections, cutting-edge and innovative insight, top notch content, incredibly relevant speakers, and extraordinary opportunities to network with top senior management executives and artists from all sectors of the music industry. It has provided solid economic benefit and business opportunities above and beyond what I could have imagined. It is surely a conference I will repeatedly attend year after year.”


Executive Editor,
Rolling Stone India

“My experience, both as a speaker and attendee, at the debut edition of All About Music was overwhelming. The conference managed to bring to the same platform almost all the diverse sectors within the music industry that don’t always get a chance to mingle, and helped create newer and more creative and business opportunities for everyone involved. The panels were well-curated, insightful and featured some of the most brilliant minds in the business. The meet-and-greet was an excellent initiative that helped connect budding talent/entrepreneurs with the people that matter. All in all, All About Music is a much-needed step in the right direction. Looking forward to the second edition!”


Gig Life Asia

“I had a fantastic experience at All About Music 2017. It was an honour to share the stage with Indian and global industry professionals on a few different panels, sharing my experiences on how to promote music locally and globally with a very engaged audience of artists and managers. I also had the opportunity to be connected to intelligent and impressive industry professionals from within India and abroad.”


Lyricist & Rapper

“AAM serves as a unique redressal forum for the music industry which is quite fragmented and unorganised. It’s amazing how so many like minded individuals were brought together on a single platform for an inclusive and immersive experience that propelled education and awareness. India needs more events of this stature to bring about a music revolution.”


Founder & CEO,
Mobilium Global Limited

“All About Music has become India’s most significant and important gathering for the music, content, digital and entertainment industries. I participated in the 2017 All About Music, where amongst what i did as a speaker or moderator, was to do the keynote interview with the distinguished Indian musician, writer and composer, Arijit Singh. The capacity audience were treated to an outstanding program of great talks, industry leaders and panel sessions that were of real benefit and professional value to attendees. I was deeply impressed with the high level of professionalism and sheer importance of the content and speakers at All About Music. I will definitely be attending in 2018. If you want to understand what makes Indian music entertainment, social media, social music and content click, All About Music is where you will have a great experience and learning. In no time, All About Music has established itself as the key “go-to” event of it’s kind across all India.”


Executive Producer,
Bernard & Huey

“I participated in the inaugural All About Music conference in Mumbai last year as a moderator and a reporter and I can unreservedly say it was a wonderful experience and a wonderful conference. The content of the presentations and panel discussions were well thought out and well presented. I had a wonderful time both personally and professionally at the conference and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in or participating in the Indian music industry. The country was yearning for an inclusive, exciting and insightful national conference like this one and All About Music fits the bill perfectly. I look forward to many, many successful editions of All About Music.”


Geometry Global Encompass

“ If you have anything to do with music then you’ve got to be at All About Music. Learning networking hits all the right notes!” 



“As a working Musician in India, All About Music gave me an insight into the different departments of Music Business and the work people in India and those Internationally, are doing. A seminar like All About Music was the need of the hour for the Indian Music Industry-one roof under which to seek knowledge, ask questions and connect with the industry’s finest!”



“ All About Music’ has proven to be a great platform for discussing trends and new ideas. It provides the industry representatives a stage to network, connect and debate on issues. It also gives the industry a chance to come together and discuss ways to boost its growth. I hope that ‘All About Music’ continues to aid and abet the music sector like it has done so far.”


SVP of Creative and A&R,

“All About Music ran like a well oiled machine in its inaugural year, with great panels and opportunities to learn about the local industry. Recommended for those interested in the potential of the Indian music market.”



“All About Music is a fantastic platform where people, artists not only from India but from all over come & gather and talk about music, celebrate music, discuss various things about the music industry, marketing, planning future and everything else. It’s a beautiful thing because a lot of music lovers or people who are curious about music they would love to know or be a part of something like this. Also at the same time so many singers, musicians come on board and they talk about their experiences is wonderful for a fan or someone who is pursuing music .. to know these details from your artist . so it’s fantastic . I think what Tarsame mittal is doing is great and he continues to do so every year. My best wishes to the team and TM Management, i wish you guys all the fun and all the best”


Music Composer, Singer

“It was a very interesting, most well organised & thought out music conference that India has ever had. I am glad that music conference are becoming a place where people can interact, learn and hangout. Thank you All About Music. Can’t wait for 2018 edition.”

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Truly Musical LLP is the IP Division of TM Talent Management. 
At Truly Musical, we aim to create unique and meaningful events for the music industry and enthusiasts.

Our IP's

A 2-day, multi-stage & genre music festival that features over 60 artists in from
the Music Industry and has successfully completed 3 editions in the past 18 months.
AAM 198x119
An all-inclusive B2B music industry conference which brought together over
85+ speakers & 1000+ stakeholders, making it one of the most memorable music conference.

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All About Music, in it's 2nd edition continues to be an all-inclusive knowledge sharing & networking platform. We intend to address the real challenges & growth opp. in the music industry.
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