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Conn-Day-3- 230Connect Corner 2022

Chandrika Shah
Head of India ,
Horus Music Limited

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Chandrika Shah

Head of India,

Horus Music Limited

"Chandrika Shah is a YouTube certified and has a good experience working in a variety of capacities in the music industry in India. She joined Horus Music India, a leading distribution company 4 years back. At, Horus Music India, she handles distribution, Content Acquisition & Marketing. Our main focus here is to educate artists and support them with all their music distribution needs. She works closely with labels as well as independent artists from all the regions of India.

Horus Music is a global music distribution and label services company. Established in 2006, we’re a hardworking team that offers every artist a simple and affordable solution for getting their music in front of wider audiences. We keep things simple and provide as many opportunities as possible so that our artists can earn an income from their music. When you use Horus Music for distribution, we put the control back into your hands, allowing you to choose how much of your royalties you would like to receive. We know that each circumstance is different, so we allow you to choose what works best for you. Additionally, you retain ownership of your music including your masters and your copyrights. We also won’t charge you any yearly fees to keep your music online and provide

Horus Music India opened in 2016 and is based in Mumbai. By opening Horus Music India, the company are able to expand on their local connections as well as to provide a much more personalized service to musicians based in this area.

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