Son of well-known Urdu poet and film lyricist Jan Nisar Akhtar and Safia Akhtar, teacher and writer, Javed Akhtar belongs to a family lineage that can be traced back to seven generations of writers. The highly respected Urdu poet, Majaz was his mother’s brother and the work of Muzter Khairabadi, his grandfather, is looked upon as a milestone in Urdu Poetry. Javed Akhtar did his schooling at the Cambridge School in Bhopal, Calvin Talukadar College in Lucknow, Minto Circle at Aligarh, and graduated from Saifiya College, Bhopal in 1964. His body of work can be categorized under four distinct categories:
  1. a) Script Writer   b) Lyricist c) Poet   d) Activist