Mr. Rakesh Nigam was born in 1965 and is brought up in Bombay.  He did his Schooling from Rev. C F Andrews (SSC). He Graduated in Commerce from the M L Dahanukar of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai University. Along with graduation he commenced doing Chartered Accountancy and is a Chartered Accountant. He is at presently the Chief Executive Officer of The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd (IPRS). IPRS is the Society recognized u/s 33(3) of the Copyright Act 1957 for Musical Works & Literary Works performed along with the Musical Works by the Copyright Office, Government of India. He joined the Society in 2004, and the performing rights income has grown from Rs 9 crores to around Rs 46 crores in 2017-18 and it is estimated that the current year revenues would exceed Rs 100 Crores and has played a major role in getting the issues of author / composers and owner publishers resolved which led to fresh election to the board and IPRS becoming a Copyright Society.