As CEO, Rishi has led the Saavn team through significant user growth and business expansion. In addition to driving the overall vision for the company, Rishi leads the product, design and data teams to deliver market leading consumer-facing products. Rishi spearheaded Saavn's evolution into original content and also secured partnerships with companies like Facebook, Twitter, Shazam, T- Mobile and Sonos.   Rishi has over 16 years of experience in digital media and consumer technology. Previously, Rishi was VP of HBO On Demand and Multi-Platform for Home Box Office, Inc. where he pioneered HBO's SVOD products, digital distribution and original VOD content for many HBO franchises including Big Love, The Wire and HBO Sports. Rishi's work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Hollywood Reporter and Forbes. He has been a speaker at Goldman Sachs Internet Conference, CES, Digital Hollywood, and served as Chairman of “The Future TV Conference” in 2009. Most recently he was named GQ India's Man of the Year (Digital Don) 2017. Rishi graduated from Washington University and is currently based in New York City.