Vijay Subramaniam is one of the Founding Partners of India's largest Talent Agency, KWAN Entertainment & Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Having studied mechanical engineering, Vijay was quick to realise that his real passion lay in Entertainment. Thus, on obtaining his degree, he joined Mahesh Bhupathis's Globosport as an intern and quickly rose to head the South office of the company. During his career in Globosport, Vijay established the LIVE touring business in the company and spearheaded Southern sales across brands and corporates. He was also was in charge of big ticket events such as the WTA Sunfeast Open 2008 and the nationwide Royal Stag Saif Ali Khan Rock tour. As one of co-founders and partners of KWAN Entertainment & Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. some of Vijay's key responsibilities include, running the brand sales business, live business, television business, music and the content business. This apart he is the agent of some of the country's largest Bollywood talent including the likes of Deepika Padukone, Pritam, Shraddha Kapoor etc… With an in-depth knowledge of brands, LIVE events, films, coupled with a analytical business mindset, Vijay had quickly established himself as one of the leading names in the entertainment industry.  Vijay also is a drummer, and this has helped in no small part in his understanding of the music business in India and an ability to notice opportunities for growth and expansion.