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Jay Visvadeva
SAMA Arts Network Ltd

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Jay Visvadeva

SAMA Arts Network Ltd

SAMA Arts Network is one of the UK’s oldest and most influential arts network in the genre of traditional and contemporary South Asian Arts. Its presents a wide variety of Indian Classical, orchestral, contemporary jazz and world -music projects.

Established in 1977, SAMA has produced over 2,000 events with international artistes. Most of the performances have been filmed, recorded and archived. Many of these have been released via Navras label through a wide variety of formats including digital downloads as well as physical products, CDs abd DVDs.

SAMA’s work is in the field of project commissions of new works, label management, curating festivals, artistic, creative industry consultancy, recording,music publishing and intellectual property rights.

SAMA’s artistic aim is to capture melody, acoustic hamony and rhythms from around the world with particular emphasis on music traditions from South Asia. SAMA works with Navras Records, one of the World’s leading Indian Classical Label on whose platform many of its historic concerts have been released. It also manages a number of labels including Sachal Music whose recent album ‘Jazz and All That’, dedicated to the iconic Jazz great Dave Brubeck, which showcased the best of East meets West. Their previous album Sachal Jazz: Interpretations of Jazz Standards, topped the world charts.

SAMA’s current work includes archiving of 50 years of work 1970 – 2020 ( includes the director’s early years with the Sanskritik Festival of Arts of India. The work includes 2,000 events, 3,500 artistes, 500 venues, 3,700 hours of recorded music and 750 hours of film footage.

SAMA curates 8 festivals a year throughout the UK and abroad and now re-establishing links with its global partners including India.

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