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Nanni Singh
Chief Executive,
ShowCase Events

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Nanni Singh

Chief Executive,

ShowCase Events

With over 15 years of experience in events, primarily music related and Corporate, Nanni has been
the Curator, Coordinator and Executor of the Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Music Festival ( 8 editions in
Kasauli), JadhavGADH Music Festival- Pune (2 editions), Goa Rhythm & Blues (1 edition), Delhi
Rhythm & Blues (1 edition)
Co-Curator, Director and Producer of the one-of-a-kind, award-winning Folk Musical Production-
Sounds From The Desert.
Consistently been bringing to the fore and promoting Folk and Independent artists through series
called Artists ShowCase.
Promoting Indian musical art forms through lec-dem performance series –In Conversation.
Created a completely virtual musical production with 16 artists, rolled it into a 4 mins song
showcasing the vast and diverse sounds and moves of India-Synthesis-The Indian Muse. (won the
Silver Medal Honour at the Global Music Awards and more)
As ShowCase Events, a four-year-old company, we have presented multiple artists and have curated
special shows for corporates and developed newer and impactful musical concepts. Presented a
confluence of Music and Poetry through a musical production called-Ek Mulaqaat.
Forte lies in curating concepts and shows and executing them with perfection.
Closely connected with folk and classical artists pan India Conceptualization, Coordination and
Execution of a quality product is the main skill.
Currently Chairperson of EEMA Artists Committee 2023- 2025
A guest columnist with Business World’s Everything Experiential and and very closely
connected with 2 NGO’s Genesis Foundation and Thalassemics India

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