Music Director-Composer

They are the music alias of Indian music director-composer duo of brothers Ajay Ashok Gogavale and Atul Ashok Gogavale. In 2008, they have won the Best Music Direction award at the 56th National Film Awards from the Government of India for contributing music to the Marathi film “Jogawa”. Their interest in music developed while they were still in school. Despite not getting direct training, they learnt a lot from these ventures. They came to Mumbai and started working on an international non-film music album "Vishwavinayaka". This proved to be a big break for them and paved the way for their foray into the Indian (mostly Marathi) music industry. They worked on many commercial jingles, ballets and advertisements to strengthen their profile. Man udhav varyache , malharwari Kombdi palali are some of their notable compositions. Ajay-Atul composed the songs and background score for the Marathi film Naṭarang (2010). Their composition for Naṭarang was influenced by traditional Marathi folk music forms like Lavani and Tamasha. They recently gave music for the Hindi films Singham starring Ajay Devgan and directed by Rohit Shetty , Agneepath produced by Karan Johar and produced one song for PK starring Aamir Khan , Anushka Sharma & directed by Raj Kumar Hirani.