DNH Artists

A boy who started with a dream of being an artist played many roles apart from being the primary. Started off as a DJ cum music producer idolizing many of his idols and sooner or later jumped onto being one of the youngest promoters in the urban music scene across the north of India focusing on importing hit talents from the UK’s DESI music scene. Few years down later he’s a complete talent manager representing the hit squad from U.K – RDB.

Without any professional accolades Ankit Khanna (Founder of DNH Artists) learnt everything about the music industry on the job. From touring with artists to managing their professional chores he’s slowly turned into someone whom we can say (been there done that). Paving his own way in the industry he’s emerged as one of the youngest talent scouts in the country. From helping revive artists like MANJ MUSIK (Ex-RDB lead vocalist) to help build independent artists none other than the sensational RAFTAAR he’s carved his own way leaving some footprints for many to follow in the current scene.

Recently debuting another imprint as a label cum space AK PROJEKTS he continuously dedicates in hunting for new talents where he can support and help numerous artists across all musical genres. Ankit has majorly contributed in getting the underground music scene the light it deserves in INDIA.