Everest Entertainment
Everest Entertainment is an expansive broad based situate, providing media and entertainment deliverables across the world for Marathi Cinema. Everest Entertainment not only produces and commissions Marathi films, but also distributes and showcases films globally across all formats: Cinema, Home Entertainment, Television and New Media. Actively involved right from the storyboard and script narration stage to devising marketing strategies for film releases, tie ups and co-productions, Everest has earned something of a reputation of being a bankable production with record breaking hits such as ‘Mee Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy’, ‘'Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho’, Moraya', 'Tukaram', 'Aajcha Divas Majha', 'Coffee Ani Barach Kahi' & 'Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2' to name a few. Another mien Everest looks into is content acquisition across film and music of various renowned titles and tracks. Fast gaining viewership with its exclusive Youtube channel Everest Talkies, Everest has a steady finger on the pulse of the latest curve in the business model for a successful implementation vertical. The expanse of its coverage and depth into the subject is also reflected in the fact that Everest has already build an impressive film library with over 200 titles, categorically establishing it as one of the prime content owners in the business so far. Today, with the right mix of resources and expertise to offer, Everest is geared, focused and energy abound to the mission of delivering entertainment deliverables through tapped and yet to be tapped mediums, in its relentless pursuit of finding originality and innovation in the way world class stories are recounted in narration and presentation with each secular fable.