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Amit Trivedi
Music Director & Singer

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Amit Trivedi

Music Director & Singer

Amit Trivedi is an exceptional force in the realm of the Indian music industry. He's an accomplished Music Director and Singer.

His journey began with theater and jingles, but it was his groundbreaking work in films like ""Dev.D"" that propelled him to stardom. With a soundtrack hailed as the ""father of different genres,"" he's won prestigious awards, including the National Film Award for Best Music Direction. Beyond films, he's composed for cricket teams, TV shows, and even the ICC Men's T20 World Cup anthem.

Amit Trivedi Azad (AT Azad) is the official YouTube channel for his music. It's unshackled, untamed and Azaad music offers a limitless musical experience to his fans!

He is one of those industry stars who boldly transitioned from the mainstream to the world of independent music, carving his own path and establishing his independent record label, AT Azad.

His music transcends boundaries. His boundless versatility makes Amit Trivedi an iconic figure in the Indian music landscape.

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