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conn-Day-1-BPIConnect Corner 2022

Denise Harris

By September 7, 2022No Comments

Denise Harris


Heralded as one of the most memorable and uplifting live experiences, Disco Classical is the feel-good concert of the decade!

The team at Disco Classical wish to bring a unique and truly exceptional experience to the Indian market, creating joy, excitement and pleasure for everyone who sees it. Our performances encapsulate the sophistication of our classically trained orchestra, Industry leading DJ’s, Singers and Dancers all perfectly choreographed to the global sensation that is Disco!

The unique experience our show creates is achived via a collection of the world’s greatest tracks all reimagined and reinvented and performed by our full classical orchestra, awesome band, sensational singers and industry leading DJ’s our amazing dancers.

Disco Classical’s fun, respectful, and joyus appeal make it suitable for all generations with its uplifting entertaining live performances that celebrate the good times, hit after hit!
In the show we have created the perfect combination of past, present and future global anthems reinvented and remastered with our classical but modern twist. Our shows are orchestrated to excite the senses, drive the imagination, and create the perfect multi-generational experience with a combination of legendary tracks, reworked to give these wonderful classics our contemporary twist.

Disco Classical brings together the most explosive collaboration of remastered Disco tracks, featuring live on-stage leading vocalists and a full legendary orchestra who know how to push the boundaries in classical music, with wonderful singers and band.

Our show guarantees youll be up on your feet from the first notes to the last beat, for everyone who sees it!

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